Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jim McKenzie The Scarecrow

Hey Everyone!

I'm really exited to post today. I got a new figure! I ordered it Monday and it arrived today in the mail! Let me tell you.. I have wanted this little man since the day I saw the  YouTube video of The Scarecrow coming to life.

Jim McKenzie. He's such a talented man.. I'm blown away by all of the sculptures I've seen of his. As someone that enjoys to dabble a lot in the sculpting realm, I have a hard time believing he didn't sell his soul to the Devil for that much talent. I can't create anything NEARLY that good looking. But, alas, I'm just a crafter who thinks she's an artist sometimes.

Anyway, back to this wonderful little man. I saw a post from the artist saying that these collectible figures were available at ToyQube. Soooo I naturally freaked out, headed DIRECTLY to ToyQube to find my little love. I found him. $165.00 and a few days later, he's here. I panicked right after I paid. $165.00 is a LOT of money when you're relying on your talents to pay your bills. But I know that he is going to make me happy for a VERY long time.

So the time has come. I will share my little guy with you and tell you ALLLLLLL about him!

Look at that BOX! It's the coolest box ever! The colors are so bright and vivid. So it's wrapped around. It has a close up of The Scarecrow illustration on the very front, then wrapped around is another image of The Scarecrow with clouds, sky, birds and the ground. It's a sturdy box, perfect size for what's inside! The bottom has your standard warnings and company info. The top of the box has Jim McKenzie logo on it.
Toy Qube teamed up with Mr. McKenzie and created a half scale version of the original Scarecrow.  This is the base.. As soon as I pulled all of the foam out of the box, this separated. It was packed VERY well.

This is the top of the base. It's SO COOL LOOKIN!!!!!! I can't. It's colors are so pretty together and so bright. Very Oompa Loompa land (in my head) That's what I would think the ground looks like in Loompa Land lol.
What's this?! A cut out!? Awesome. I love that this is packed this way. I don't know why, but I love the cut out.

I love what's under the cut out a LOT MORE!!!

There he is!! There's that adorable creepy little sweet face! Those eyes! LOOK! The bird! Yes!!!
This bird has straw hanging out of its mouth! And a peg on his feet. He will set upon the T that holds the boy.

Here's the boy! The Scarecrow! OH MY GOSH!!!! I am SO FREAKING EXCITED! I love him. I love him I love him I love him! He's sooooo well made. You should really take the time and watch the YouTube videos he's posted about his work. It shows everything he does to create his pieces. The Scarecrow was a huge hit. I'm really lucky I was able to purchase this. If it weren't for him teaming up with ToyQube, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to have him in my home.
The Scarecrow just sets down into this cut out on the base. He snaps in, and he's really secure. There's no teetering. It's a solid heavy piece.

The bird sits right down on the post. The peg goes right in the hole, his feet hug the top and he's not going anywhere. He's securely in there.
Gosh, look at the detail on that boys face, the post and his hat and shirt! See the straw hanging out of his neck? Attention to small details like that make things extremely big!
The expression on that face! Alright.. SO this is his lil noggin. I love the hair! I love his EYES!!! I love the stitching and I love the color. His lil nose! The hat is textured and I love that!

The detail he took the time to put in the clothing just blow my mind. I wish I could do such work. I try, and it just turns to bleh. That's a lot of work he's put into this little guy. His britches and his shirt, and the straw. The gloves! His hands are awesome!

This is his little legs. He's got on the coolest shoes. I'm a fan of these feet. He has continued to blow my mind with the pants and the socks and the shoes. I think the shoes were like the ones Jim McKenzie was wearing in his video of the creation of this little guy. I like that. Putting a piece of yourself in your art work. That's my favorite part of creating art. When I crochet, I always end up with a strand of hair on my work.. Maybe two strands. But there's always a piece of me in there.
This is the front of the base. It's got The Scarecrow on the front of it. I love the letter style. It's suttle, doesn't stand out and distract you from the figure itself. I love it.

This is the full affect! He's assembled (easily) and he's freaking AWESOME.

I thought I'd add this, because I like it. Artists gotta have his name on his work! And it's well places and looks nice. I love the lettering.
Here's a better look at the details in the hands and the sleeves. So good.

Those shoes!!!

I think this hat is top knotch.

That's all of it, folks. That' is The Scarecrow by Jim McKenzie.
Go check him out. Get some art. Love it, create it, post it! I wanna see what's being created! If you're buying toys, I wanna see, if you're making art, I wanna see, if you're buying art, I wanna see!
Thanks for reading my blog. Go buy yourself The Scarecrow!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Lalaloopsy dolls for sale, folks!!
I have listed quite a few minis in my Ebay shop! I will be listing more, too. I have some large dolls, and I have some more minis. I have a broken foot right now, and I can't walk on it, so it's kind of difficult to get around the house on a walker. As soon as I can get my way around to the closets where they're being stored, I will pot more about them, and post them to sell.
But I have mini's and large dolls to post. If you have any questions, just ask, and I'll let you know. Also, I can give you a deal if you're buying more than 2. Just ask! I'm selling these to get them out of the house. There's no attachment to them at all. :)
Tonya (woollyghoulieon_etsy is my ebay handle, @woollyghoulieart on Facebook)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ebay update!

SO!!! For all of the Lalaloopsy lovers out there, we have some for sale in our Ebay shop! Check it out. I'm getting rid of most of my collection. It's mostly mini's left.. There are some larger dolls we haven't posted yet, that I will be getting rid of.. So if you're interested in Lalaloopsy dolls, go look. Now, it's not any of the newer series.. Say... Maybe withing the last year or two.. I haven't been buying them in a long long time, and I have no idea what new ones are even out. I lost instrest.. All of my dolls are NEW IN BOX (NIB) and never opened. I liked to display the minis on the wall, and so they just hung there. The larger ones were on a book case, and never were even looked at most of the time. So, we moved the rooms around, I decided we didn't have room for them anymore, and now they're mostly gone.. But I have a few left. They've been stored in a closet for the last two years.

Also, check out my Etsy shop for some handmade creepy little things. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

LALALOOPSY dolls up for sale!!!

Hey everyone! If your'e interested in Lalaloopsy minis, we have a bunch listed in our Ebay shop!
We've got the Newborns, and some Target Exclusive minis, and some Sweet Shop minis and a bunch more to list! So check it out, follow our shop and you'll get updates as we list them! Also, we have a few large dolls we will be posting to sell (Kat Jungle Roar and Lil Sister and a few more I can't think of) I have a few I'm keeping, but we've gotten rid of most of them already. There's some loose ones I'll be making into Day Of The Dead Lalaloopsy dolls. I might keep them, I have two that I've already transformed.. I'll post pictures of them later. But GO CHECK OUT OUR EBAY!!!! Lots of Minis!!! Large dolls will be added soon!!! AND MORE MINIS!!!!
Just an example of one that's listed. It's listed!! GO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Just a few toys =)

Heyyyy everyone!! I wanted to share some things I have!
This is an old doll house that I repainted in black, grey and purples, oh and moss green. I added the Sassy Skeletons because they were the right size. I used some scrap book stuff for decorations because I couldn't find anything else to do with them.

This shelf has some of the first clay things I made, my Columbia figure that I LOVE, some Funko
 Horror blind figures, my Mary Popping Pop figure that I love, my Funke Frankenstein in the back that's definitely one of my most favorites, Betty Page, some Lenore figures, and the best figure ever... Willy Wonka. Gene Wilder has always been one of my favorite actors. He's a huge part of my childhood and adulthood. The movies he's made, I love them all, but they all take me away. Either take me to a different land and time, or a happy time in my life. They couldn't be the movies they are if it weren't for Mr. Wilder. His passing away has made me so sad.. But.. You know what happens to the boy who get's everything he wants? He lives happily ever after.  
This shelf has a whole bunch of coolness on it. Corpse Bride, Young Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein , Jack Skellington, Creature from the Black Lagoon, my very first Day Of The Dead doll that I made, and some blind box figures. There's a really awesome Franky back there... I will share about him in another post soon. I also have some Frank and Bride skulls. 

This was completed today. I was in line at the craft store and saw these little metal models, I found R2-D2 for my husband. He loves Star Wars, so he loves this! It wasn't that hard to put together, it was my first model, and I broke one piece, but you can't tell once he's together. It doesn't affect him at all. They have others I will eventually put together for him. I kinda liked doing it! They're by Metal Earth, by the way.. and ingot it at A.C. Moore!
So that's it for tonight. I will touch base on more stuff later on. I just wanted to share the stuff I love to look at. There's bunches more! So stay tuned!!
Thanks for reading!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

I'm baaaaack!!

I know it's been well over a year since I've posted anything here. There's a good reason. I haven't been collecting toys as much..
I have some news though.. Ready?? I am going to start posting about my newer collections! Yay!!

I got a new camera, so I will be using better photos in my blogs. I'm hoping to get more interactions with this blog, instead of me just talking to whoever, and no one responding. I'm hoping to be doing some giveaways and trades. I have given up on the Lalaloopsy dolls.. For me, they got too big and commercial and lost the greatness. But I have some mini's and fill size dolls that I will keep for myself. I have sold almost everything else though. I have some still that haven't sold.. May e I can work out some trades with those. I'll get a list of all the ones that I have, and post that sometime within the next week. I've been busy trying to get my business up and running, so I may get side tracked. I will try my best to keep this on track now.

So stay tuned! I will be posting pretty regular. And maybe, if it takes off like I'm hoping, this, too, can become part of something better!

Thanks for reading!!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Lalaloopsy Minis Series 14

Hey everyone,
Today, I'll be going over the Lalaloopsy Minis from series 14. They are Candle Piece O' Cake, Sweetie Candy Ribbon, Queenie Red Heart and Frost I.C. Cone.

If you're familiar with Lalaloopsy Mini's, you'll notice that they have changed the way they package these toys. The minis are the same size (3"), I believe.
Here's what we have here,  Candle Piece O' Cake and Sweetie Candy Ribbon, first.
Candle comes in her birthday cake dress, her icing hair and with her little cupcake puppy. She also comes with a pink heart balloon. Her Sewn on is Your Birthday and she's made from a birthday cake.
Sweetie comes in her original vivid colored dress and hair. She has her little puppy with the floppy ribbon ears. She also comes with a large swirly lollipop. Her sewn on is March 23rd and she's made from a pie of taffy.

Queenie comes in her original dress with her flamingo. She also comes with a rose bush shaped like a heart. Her sets on is September 28, and she's made from a deck of cards. Frost comes in an almost transparent dress with matching hair. She has her little snow cone bunny with her, she also comes with a snow come. Her sewn on date is September 22nd, and she's made from a snow cone.

These mini's have changed a lot, since the last series. I'm not fond of the new packaging choice they've decided to go with, like placing the dolls on cards, instead of the little houses they used to be on. But, kids probably threw the packaging away, and just played with the doll. This way, it's less trash. I have another issue here, there are less accessories with these dolls. It seems to me that MGA is cutting down on cost, and taking away the best parts of the toys. I think they should cut down on how many different lines of Lalaloopsy dolls and toys they have, and focus on the best ones. That way they can just improve on the main toys, instead of taking away.
Don't get me wrong, I still really like the minis. I just wanted the regular packaging, and the extra accessories.
So, here's my review, and I hope you enjoyed! Any questions or opinions, please share in the comment section below! Thanks for reading!!